Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day!!! Are we all remembering to reduce, reuse and recycle??? ;) I don't have anything crafty to share with you today - I haven't been feeling too hot these past couple of days - coughing, feverish - the dr. says it's some virus going around - so I'm hanging out waiting for it to pass so I can get back to stamping!! I thought that maybe I had some adorable pic of my boys recycling - but I can't seem to find one - I do have to tell you though that at the ages of 4 and 7 - they are AWESOME recyclers!! Their daddy has trained them well - LOL - of course - he may have trained them a little TOO well - they about pitch a fit if we are out and about and see someone throwing a can in a garbage pail rather than the recycle bin - hee hee...I did want to remind you too to pop on over to this thread over on SCS and vote for your favorite MFT Idol(s) - you have until 10 PM EST tonight to do so - our top six have done some AMAZING one layer cards for you to ogle - so go - hurry over and VOTE!!!! Thanks for stopping by - I am hoping to be back tomorrow with an actual creation (pending a good night's sleep)!!

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Ladies of Harford Green said...

Hi Candice,

I just found your blog - skipping on over from SCS. Love, love, love your work. Your coloring is just amazing. I've signed up for your feed so I can keep track of what's new on your blog. Keep it comin'!