Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picnics are a Moveable Feast

Happy Sunday!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!! Ours was pretty good - although I'm nursing a fat lip this morning - yes - a big ol' fat lip - LOL!! Most of my friends and family know that I am one of the most accident prone individuals - so why my brothers would dare me to do a STOOPID trampoline trick is beyond me - LMBO!! I was at my oldest brother's house for his step-daughter's graduation party yesterday afternoon and well - when all of us get together - we seem to regress back to being adolescents - so when my big brother dared me to be the piece of "popcorn" in a trampoline game they were playing - well - I did what any other little sister would do and hopped on the trampoline and made myself into a ball. (BTW - Popcorn is a game played on a trampoline where one person makes themselves into a ball and so when the other people on the trampoline jump - the "popcorn" person pops up and down like a piece of popcorn - a safe game?? Probably not - LOL!!) I think they thought it would be funny because I was the lightest person there and boy did they have me bouncing - I lost control of my grip on my knees - my left knee came up and hit me right in the mouth - HARD - OMG - I saw stars!!! It's a wonder I still have my front teeth still intact - geesh - so I guess I was lucky I came out of the trampoline incident with only a fat lip - but boy did I look ridiculous when I woke up this morning! Geesh - one of these days I will learn not to act on a dare from my big brothers - I just thought at 32 years old - I would have already learned that lesson - LOL!!

So anywho - I do have a card to share with you today - it's for today's Featured Stamper challenge over on SCS - today's challenge features the SCS sketch queen herself - Rox - YAY!! I chose this card to case - I fell in love with it on the spot and knew exactly how I wanted to CASE it. I wanted to keep the insect theme of the card - so I pulled out the ant image and the food images from the new Who's That Girl? "Let's Picnic" set (being released this Wednesday, June 3rd) - I stamped the food images on top of the ants like they were carrying the food off and the sentiment from this new set provides a good warning for all of our summer picnics - LOL!! I kept the overall layout of Rox's card - although I did add an extra black layer to make my main panel a bit wider. I also kept the punched flowers on the card - I just changed the placement of them on my card.

Thanks so much for stopping by - don't forget to pop over and check out the June One Click challenge contest - Joanne and Christina posted it yesterday - pull out some chipboard from your stash and play along to win all of the June releases!!!


Jessie/knightrone said...

You poor thing!! Hope your lip heals fast!! Your card is adorable though, if that makes you feel any better!!

Tracey said...

Hope you're healing quickly! Love your card Candice!!

Susan (susiestampalot) said...

oh my goodness! i did a card along these same lines as you a few days ago and just now saw this! i'm so laughing! gmta! it's in the hub files..go see it!