Friday, October 3, 2008

Think Pink

I wanted to do a card this month in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month - so when I heard what Vicki's challenge was for this Friday's Hanna Stamps challenge - which is to do a card/project using pink - I knew I wanted to make a card for Breast Cancer Awareness - I just wasn't sure what Hanna/Riley to use. And then it hit me this morning - the new "For the Soul" Hanna is perfect - with those hands lifted in prayer - she looks so peaceful and I just added a little pink ribbon to her shirt. I used the Cuttlebug Birds and Swirls embossing folder on the white part of the background and the patterned paper is from the DCWV Girl Nursery Stack. The flowers are Primas and I used pink ribbon (of course ;)). The sentiment is from the "Things Hanna Would Say" set.

Now for a friendly reminder from one woman to another - if you haven't done so yet this year and you are over the age of 35 or at an increased risk for breast cancer - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go get a mammogram!!! In March of 2007 - I had quite the scare - one Sunday morning I discovered a small lump in my right breast. My first thought was "Oh God, I am only 29 - this can't be happening!!" My next thought was about my husband and 2 small boys - I wasn't ready to leave them - an overreaction?? Maybe a little - but there aren't many cancer stories in my family that have happy endings - so of course that is where my thoughts went. I called my doctor first thing Monday morning - after a week of tests - mammogram, ultrasounds, etc. - we decided just to go ahead and have a lumpectomy - get that darned thing out and biopsy it. I was scared out of my mind - cancer runs rampant thru my family - I lost my mother to cancer 8 years ago and more aunts and uncles than I can count. Well - I got lucky - the tumor was benign - but I know many many other women out there who don't get that phone call with good news and the relief that I felt that day. Moral of the story - well - it's simple - go get yourself checked out - if you are over 35 or at a high risk for getting breast cancer - go get a mammogram - if you are younger - talk to your doctor - do self breast examinations - seriously - I always thought they were a little silly too - until I went thru all of this - now I understand why they are so important. For those of you that have battled or are currently battling breast cancer - any kind of cancer for that matter - my heart goes out to you - you are my heroes. I am dedicating this post to my mother...Mom - I miss you...

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Heather "Hev" said...

This card is absolutely stunning!!

I am glad you had a happy story to share!! If we dont share our stories with others people arent aware that it happens to regular folk too!! I had a lump when I was 19 and I can definitely appreciate the fear!! Luckily it was just a big fatty tissue deposit and nothing to worry about - but those few days between referral, mammogram and result were torture!!

I "nag" about reflux/ indegestion - my Mum had hers treated immediately and always took her meds. About 20 years latr they found she had Oesophageal cancer. I could go through the whole torture but I wont. She is just been given remission after 5 years of nastiness. Okay off my soapbox and give you your blog back!!